Wednesday , March 3 2021

Dota 2 introduces Patrol system | Dota 2

Valve introduced the Patrol system to Dota 2, which allows users to track violations from past matches. Additionally, MOBA developers brought in the ability to make complaints about teammates or opponents during gameplay.

The patrol feature is only available to players with a positive behavior rating. New matches that can be inspected will be displayed under the profile icon in the main menu. On registration, users will be able to instantly jump to the moment of a potential violation and make or refuse to make a decision in the absence of evidence of the suspect’s guilt.

Valve noted that it will create a list of players who can access the “Patrol” functionality next week. At the same time, users may lose the ability to check suspects’ records if they make frequent wrong decisions.

Dota 2 developers also noted that the Complaints feature during matches is different from the classic version. Such reports can be sent an unlimited number of times in a game, marking the moments when the violation was committed for the “Patrol” system.

Confirmed complaints sent after the end of the match will now block the user’s text and voice messages. At the same time, the offender’s teammates will be able to disable restrictions for communication with him.

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