Friday , April 16 2021

DNS network sees start of NVIDIA RTX 3060 sale as an error | News

NVIDIA RTX 3060 series graphics cards in the DNS retail network were exhausted before they appeared in the product catalog due to an online store error. Representatives of the company called the start of sales a failure and published a blog post explaining the reasons.

The main reason for the RTX 3060 unsuccessful release was a bug in database synchronization and configurator. According to company representatives, sales were enabled to start earlier than planned so that data could be synchronized at the same time and appeared in all regions. However, it turned out that the PC configurator in the online store works differently and reacts instantly to database changes. Therefore, the novelty was sold through the configurator even before it appeared in the product catalog.

DNS reps were associated with other reasons for the problematic start of sales:

  • unsuccessful release period – 20:00 Moscow time on February 25, when it is already night in many regions and most of the employees are asleep;
  • bulk orders, some of which can be canceled by the same customers;
  • According to DNS representatives, the price of ₽45 thousand – ₽50 thousand, attracting resellers, RTX 3060 was sold for ₽70 thousand and more at other retailers.

It was previously reported that miners’ purchases of video cards increased NVIDIA from $ 100 million to $ 300 million. Such data was provided by company representatives in a report for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2020 ending on January 31. For the whole of 2020, the digital processor manufacturer’s revenue exceeded $ 5 billion, which is almost $ 2 billion more than 2019.

DNS survey

DNS survey

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