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Danish bicycle manufacturer Biomega introduces a 20 thousand-euro futuristic urban electric car concept | 1K


The rapid development of the electric motor industry and their power systems makes it possible for almost any company to enter the automotive market. Only yesterday, you can light the pots and collect the fruits in the forest, and today – you can dare to sign up for car manufacturers. So there are many Chinese companies. Or, for example, known Dyson: a company that manufactures vacuum cleaners and hair dryers will already cost a large facility for the production of electric cars … In this regard, the Danish company Biomega may be considered a manufacturer of electric vehicles with a history already!

Biomega's portfolio includes six model bikes: one for trucks, three for bicycles and two for electric. This is two electric bikes from Dyson. However, the ambitions of the Danish company extend far beyond the two-wheeled vehicle market, or how would you interpret the appearance of the Sin concept?

If the city of Sins really existed, Sin would definitely become a popular local tool. First, because the name corresponds, the second is black exterior and interior.

Sin looks unusual on narrow and wide-spaced wheels, but this layout is quite right – the wheelbase is approaching the length of the vehicle, which means that passengers will not complain about lack of space. What's inside, design what's out there – Scandinavian minimalist. Just like tiny LED lights and chairs, more office chairs. Such a device is unlikely to pass the safety tests and it is planned that Böyle filling ild will be very serious.

The plans that the creators will use on the Sin-Wheel engine, that is, the car will be four-wheel drive. The total return of electric motors is small – 82 hp, but with a mass of only 950 kg, the vehicle can reach 130 km / h, which will take 13 seconds for hundreds of seconds. The declared total capacity of the modular batteries is 20 kW / hour and the power consumption is approximately 11 kW / hour. Developers think the power reserve will be 160 km.

Biomega argues that the series can be seen at a price of about 20,000 euros per piece from 2021 to 2023. And this, I must say, expensive. For example, for the same amount, Volkswagen will offer full-fledged cars with a normal interior, seat and a boat. And one thing is that the relatively affordable VW electric cars will appear on the road ahead of Sin.

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