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Court case for an accident in Sumy: Dronov's attorney requested the withdrawal of experts from the Bocarius Institute, the court refused to interrogate the nurse and the psychiatric examiners Zaitseva

11/14/2018 08:46

Experts, before the start of the movement, the defendant's vehicle is standing behind the line, 90 cm & # 39;

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In the event of an accident in Sumy on 13 November, the results of the exam and the statement of a lawyer were heard, NewsRoom.

Criminologists concluded that Gennady Dronov will stand behind the car's traffic lights before the start of the movement, and that the front of the vehicle is at the crossroads. The defendant's lawyer then requested the experts to withdraw, but his speech was interrupted due to problems with his speech equipment.

Judge Victor Popras gave a technical break. Immediately thereafter, the second defendant, Alyona Zaitseva, complained of nausea, said her health condition worsened and she asked to be taken from the "aquarium". Soon the girl was brought back to the camera and started at another hall around 3:00 in the afternoon.
In the center of Kharkov, Alena Zaitseva, who protected a person who was subjected to a terrible accident, was questioned at the court of the nurse who examined her. The relevant explanation was made by the lawyer Yevgeny Melnichenko.

Larisa Matveeva, representing the interests of the families of the deceased Aleksandr Evteev and Diana Berchenko, asked the court to check the case file for the return of the funds transferred to the relatives of the victims and also to give a response on the judicial examination of the law from the Ministry of Health. In addition, according to the lawyer, expert psychiatrists and after the accident need to question a nurse who took blood from Alena Zaitseva. Lexus was the driver of protection against the last point.

Dmitry Martsony, a lawyer representing the interests of the relatives of the victims, raised a dispute with Alla and Anastasia Sokol, as well as Natalia Umaeva. According to him, if the participant's protection of the participant, who earns terrible, is provided by the video from the chest cameras during the examination of Zaitseva, then he must inquire the nurse who carried it.

The prosecution stated that they were not against the receipt of the checks and bills of the Ministry of Health respectively, but did not see the need to hear the doctors' statements. The court denied the requests of the experts who conducted the psychiatric examination and the interrogation of the nurse by the victim's lawyers.

The next hearing will be held on November 20th.

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