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Charlotte’s daughters and Miranda’s son: adult children of the main characters will appear in the sequel to Sex and the City

Charlotte's Daughters and Miranda's Son: Continuation

Reshoots of the hit television series Sex and the City continue in New York. And while the scenes are shot on the streets rather than in the mansions, audiences and paparazzi immediately gather around the site to watch the long-loved heroes. You can also find some details about the project that have not been announced yet here.

For example, the other day reporters noticed that new young actors were joining the actresses who played the main roles on the set – Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Davis. Christine, who played Charlotte, was spotted with two girls, and Cynthia, who played Miranda, was accompanied by a tall red-haired man.

Christine Davis with partners on siteChristine Davis with partners on siteCynthia Nixon with a partner on siteCynthia Nixon with a partner on site

Eyewitnesses of the shooting of this scene at the Manhattan School of Music immediately decided that the protagonists of the series are about their adult children: Charlotte’s daughters Lily and Rose and Miranda Brady’s son.

Officially, this replenishment of the cast of the series has not yet been announced, and no new cast is yet available on the project page on the IMDB website. But you can already judge about the heroes themselves. So Charlotte’s daughters clearly embraced my mother’s taste in dress. On the set of this scene, the young actresses appeared in dresses similar to those worn by Charlotte. That’s right, Rose added a few more informal touches, completing the picture with a funny hat and sneakers.

Evan HandlerChristine DavisEvan HandlerChristine Davis

Cynthia Nixon and David EigenbergCynthia Nixon and David Eigenberg

The children of the heroes have appeared in TV series and movies before. In season six, Charlotte and her husband Harry (played by Evan Handler) adopt a Chinese woman. In the series, her role was played alternately by twins Alexandra and Parker Fong. In the first movie, a biological child is born to the couple. Miranda and Steve’s son (played by David Eigenberg) was played as a child by actor Joseph Papo (he starred in the feature films Sex and the City).

withdrawn from the series Withdrawn from the TV series “Sex and the City”still from the movie Shot from the movie “Sex and the City”

It was previously known that Sarita Chowdhury, Nicole Ari Parker and Karen Pittman joined the cast, who will play the new girlfriends of the main characters (remember that Samantha, performed by Kim Cattrall, will not appear in the reboot).

Sarita will play Sima Patel, “a self-sufficient woman and real estate agent in Manhattan,” Nicole will play “Park Avenue mother-of-three and documentary filmmaker” Lisa Todd Wexley, and Nia Wallace will play Karen, according to HBO Max. “Bright is an interesting law professor at Columbia University.”

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon on setKristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon on set

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