Tuesday , October 26 2021

Alex Song in the life of Kazan and about the game in Ruby – football revelations


One of the former footballers of the Russian football club Rubin, Cameroon Alex Song said that he often lived in an education base in the dark and made him angry. Cameroonian moved to Rubin as a freelance agent in the summer of 2016 and broke the contract with the club in January 2018. The song was referred to FIFA for compensation for termination of the contract. In August 2018, Rubin announced that the club had agreed to open a case with FIFA. According to the Telegraph, Song demanded £ 7.9 million from talep Rubin T (about $ 10.2 million).

. When I signed the contract, they said they would give me a house, but after six months I didn't have a house. I was forced to leave the hotel and had to settle for the base, three months after arriving in Kazan. I have good restaurants and good people, but my friends didn't because I didn't go anywhere, git Sona told the Telegram.

"The room was good at the base, but not the same as living in this house. I spent all my time in this room and never turned on the light, I did not turn on the television, because I didn't understand Russian. "I was eating at the place, the food was good, but I was alone. I was so crazy, I didn't cry, but I felt Stress," he said.

Cameroon footballer, the first time "Ruby" is facing serious salary delays, he said. "The club told me the money would come to the bank account, but that didn't happen. You have a mortgage and you have to pay the bills. There is a mortgage in a house in London, and they called me from the bank, and they asked me where the money was. I never worried, but now they call me banks and they put pressure on me, hiçbir he said.

Orum I don't want to go away anymore, I want to stay in Europe and play for 4-5 years. (Switzerland) I signed a two-year contract with Sion, living with my family at home. In fact, I lost my career year in Kazan. "Start" and go out again happy, "- added 31-year-old football player.

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