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Accident with Andrey Pushkar – Oleg was aware of Zhokh's health status


Fatal accident with athletes: Oleg was known about the status of Zhokh

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Sportsman plans to move to Kiev for surgery

Ukrainian arm wrestling Oleg Zhokh in a coma who was hospitalized after a fatal accident in Rovno. In this regard, "Apostrophe" refers to the publication of the "Arm wrestling" page in the social network.

Oleg's head is reported to have multiple injuries, fractures, and hematomas. Doctors will take you to Kiev.

Lar Oleg has two guns in what the doctors don't say. Hematoma's head. Internal organs are damaged … and doctors don't say anything. MRI retreating, most likely transportation in Kiev. The good surgeons are withdrawing from abroad … preparing for operation. Oleg himself was in a coma, "informed.

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TV channel "UA: Rivne" with reference to doctors at the age of 8, said Oleg Zhokh is in critical condition. He was placed in the intensive care unit of the neurosurgery department of the city hospital of Rivne. According to the doctors, Oleg Zhokh's mother did not want to explain the details of her situation.

Oleg Zhokh – the world champion in the sport of arm in his left hand in the weight category up to 70 kilograms, master of the master sports in the international sports, the master of the sport of Ukraine.

Previously, the famous Ukrainian athlete, wrestler Andrew Pushkar and sportsman Oleg Zhokh's father said that he died in a fatal accident near Rivne.

Oleg Zhokh drove his van, lost control and moved on to the oncoming lane he ran into a truck.

And we also wrote that a major traffic accident occurred near Kiev.

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