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The legendary tool of the 90's

The word that the world is led by the person who manages the technology is now more relevant than ever. Indeed, we were surprised at any invention in the near future, the progress in the field of IT is very fast and the interaction of technologies with our lives is so close, we've already stopped to notice it. And it seems that the memories of a few decades ago are meticulous and nostalgic.

You start to think that time didn't just fly away when the younger generations didn't understand the essence of the present generations, and some of them didn't even see the so-called adı gadgets Zaman with their own eyes. Yes, this is the last century, both figurative and direct. But for many immigrants since then, this was not just unnecessarily unnecessary in the past, but what they loved, looked at, and shown to their peers.

Modern electronic devices are becoming smaller, faster and more powerful. They combine a lot of functionality, so they change other devices. It is a kind of natural choice only in the technology world. When this happens, many of these technologies and technology itself become useless. As a rule, the devices that are going to be sold will lose their morality within a year or two after purchase. Accordingly, the attitude towards such devices is somewhat different, soulless or something. Previously, such a technology change was more concrete, it seemed to us an incredible, revolutionary thing. For this reason, a part of the years of 80, 90, and even 2000 have well understood the value and importance of each device. Yeah, and they used these devices until the end.


As a rule, most are powered by two AA batteries, which are enough for a few hours. However, we were able to save the load by rewinding the film with a pencil or pen in the cassettes and squeezing the last ones, bite and deform the batteries. It was often possible to observe the process of charging the finger batteries in the sun.

The culmination of the popularity of cassette players came at the end of the 80's. At the same time, they started to produce not only other brand manufacturers like Toshiba, Aiwa and Panasonic, but also a whole army of "virtues" of China. It was possible to meet models with built-in speakers, screens, two-cassette audio players and even voice control. After 2000, the cassette format was replaced by compact discs, and a CD player replaced the cassette. Surprisingly, although Sony's latest version of the cassette player was released in 2002, the company continued to produce by 2010, and the Walkman brand is still used in the portable audio segment.

Now, if you want, you can buy something like this (about $ 10): to pause and digitize old tapes.

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