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UAE team on top of everything

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Mehdi Ali, a former UAE national football coach, said that as the 2019 Asian Cup was reaching an important maturity, all efforts should focus on the support of white players in the coming period.
"I'm telling players two months before the start of the tournament, you have to prepare yourself and I wish the people of the UAE will be behind the team as we always do.
Mehdi said the 2018 Asian Cup will not be easy with the World Cup and the last friendly friendship – five strong teams in Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Iran.
In response to a question, Mehdi Ali said, ”If conditions are prepared and encouraged, if the atmosphere is printed, it will accept a return to ve white“ education, if desired, under the order of the team.
In an exclusive interview with the Sharjah Sports Channel, Mehdi Ali refused to be a lucky coach to reach all the previous successes with Al-Abyad. "Luck is positive, because it always comes with a hard-working person, but the chance comes once or twice, with the achievements of teams not more than one, and a high-grade classification has achieved success with numerous championships".
Mehdi Ali stated that the criticism of the team in the 2018 World Cup qualification was sometimes "too high" and accepted the nature of football and coach's work, provided that his criticism was positive.
Mahdi Ali: There are many opinions, some people praise your work and others criticize you, I personally don't have any media and personal enemies, but we all love the team and we're just as different as we express that love.
"Before the pre-rounding, I told them that there would be victories and traps in a press conference, and we wanted everyone to be behind the team, but from time to time, we needed a strong reaction to our team. Even when we entered in the second round, it was a point criticism.
"One of the reasons for my resignation after I disappeared was that I wanted to relieve the pressure on the team, where the press pressure was too high," Mehdi Ali said. Said.
He said: "I resigned from the team to ease the pressure on the ground, knowing that we would be third in Thailand and Iraq and take additional action".
He said, "This is not the only reason for my resignation." "There are other personal reasons. They don't want to talk about it because they are the first teams."
Asked about his criticism, Mahdi said: "With every failure, the coach is a suspension. I have been away from the team for two years and people can be alone and control the results during and during Mahdi Ali." In the world 121 and the reign of the center of 58 & # 39; s team to match the other matches played.
Mahmood Khamis and Ahmed Al-Yassi were tried more than once and benefited from this opportunity, but from a technical point of view, there were better players in the team and no players were exposed in the League.
Mehdi Ali praised Ali Mabkhout, after he became the first person to believe in Al-Jazeera's and his national team's abilities. "Ali Mabkhout is not the best hit in the UAE, but in Asia.
Dı He was the victim of instability in the summer, he didn't know if he was going to stay in the eye or he was going to go to the hilton, so he wasn't physically ready at first, and he started to reach the summit of the games and rise. Fark It is true that the experience of Amouri is short with Al Hilal, but it is added to it and makes a remarkable difference in the form of a team. “
"I can see that the technical level is average after nine rounds, and in recent years, we have seen a big drop in most of the major teams, as Al Ain and Al Ahly are not at their normal level." Said. "The results of other teams like Sharjah providing good levels with Anbar's presence, started the league strongly and then fell, I think it made a big leap with it."
"The coach is a citizen or a stranger, a coach. The national coaches are carved into the stone and have a lot of pressure, but when our mentality loses a match, the rage is on the national coach." Said. "Foreign coach always wants an excuse."
He said, var Our youth have reached the month, so why should they succeed as coaches and have already succeeded in their experiments, but there are those who do not want to know. Meh Ti Many have achieved successes with teams, including myself. If some don't want to know about my achievements, I'm telling you that it's a date and you can't change it.
He said he had received numerous local, Gulf and Arab offers in the past, but he apologized that he did not want to be the leader of any team at the beginning of the season.

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