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The Intelligent Education Forum was launched today by the Ministry of Education on the theme of laştırıl Field to Field ler organized by the Teacher Training Institute and aims to share its knowledge and experience in order to reach the goals of the expansion of intelligent learning and field applications. Also, develop the role of students in the intelligent learning system in the presence of education leaders, educators and a voter of the pioneers of education.

The focus of the forum is to improve the use of digital resources to improve 21st century skills and higher thinking skills for students in the UAE, as well as to increase the importance of effective communication and use of intelligent learning to open up to global science and knowledge. The e-portal is to promote its use to activate. Turn on cooperative learning opportunities, use intelligent learning to improve students' creativity and innovation, and use intelligent learning to plan learning as well as develop digital citizenship.

The conference will present the three main study reports presented by international experts, the Ministry of Education, the parents and the UAE school students and 19 training workshops aimed at teaching staff.

Fawzia Hassan Gharib, Deputy Undersecretary of School Operations Sector, made the opening speech at the forum and emphasized that intelligent learning is not a necessity of technological development in the age of technological revolutions but became a cornerstone of an educational product.

WAM President Khuloud Al Mansoori said that the forum has contributed to the development of UAE's vision and the development of students and teachers in a stimulating environment.

Intelligent learning aims to improve the learning process by allowing students to explore, explore, design, innovate and innovate.

He talked about the importance of promoting the smart learning strategy, sharing academic and digital experiences and knowledge, supporting how technology is used in education, and how the forum will support students' academic skills through intelligent learning programs.

In the sessions of the forum, a companion exhibition was held to present different projects and ideas in the field of intelligent learning.

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