Thursday , July 29 2021

To discuss the measures related to dumping cases in the UAE markets and to increase imports

The Advisory Committee for Combating Harmful Practices in International Trade held its first meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy, under the chairmanship of the Deputy Undersecretary of Industry and Trade, Abdullah Sultan El Şerif, Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce, with the participation of Committee members from various federal and local authorities and private sector representatives.

According to the press release issued on Tuesday, the establishment of the Advisory Committee is in line with the provisions of the Federal Act on anti-dumping and countervailing measures of 2017, and the ministers of the UAE Economy Minister Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori. . The Committee will try to examine the findings of the Department of Combating Pest Management of International Trade in the Ministry of Economy regarding the dumping and support complaints and the increase in imports.

In the meeting, in order to protect the National Product from the negative effects of such practices and to increase the competitiveness of national industries, to strengthen the most appropriate legal procedures to subsidize, subsidize or increase the working mechanisms of the Committee and imports in the domestic market, in light of the provisions of the Anti-Dumping and the Countervailing and Preventive Measures Act. The ways for discussed.

The first is a dumped complaint from GCC imports from China, India and Spain's ceramic tile manufacturer to advise on the initiation of the investigation, and the second is to review and discuss the final report to examine the dumping of GCC imports from the pipes used. Do not recommend the introduction of anti-dumping tax on Chinese gas and oil transportation.

"The Advisory Committee on Combating Harmful Practices in International Trade plays an important role in providing a technical and legal mechanism to address harmful practices in international trade reaching the Ministry of Economy, and makes some recommendations to the Minister of Economy for a final decision, Tanıtıl To increase the competitiveness of national products and industries in the protection and promotion of national products and industries and to ensure fair competition in international trade and to ensure that they do not violate the obligations of the State under the WTO Agreements. Ulusal

The competent, uygulam wide umbrella of the Committee membership, which includes a large number of relevant government bodies at the federal and local levels, ensures that the State's public interest is taken into consideration and recommendations and various legal and economic considerations and international partnerships to ensure a balanced and positive action against harmful practices of different international trade UAE markets.

Al Shamsi said the committee has contributed to raising awareness of the importance of enhancing cooperation and co-ordination with the Ministry of Economy and the authorities in order to support and prevent increased imports and antidumping mechanisms among manufacturers and traders in various markets of the country. Such an investigation is capable of developing the knowledge and experience of the UAE competencies in the execution and mechanisms of the multilateral trading system.

Emphasizing the importance of the Commission at the beginning of its work, Al Shamsi stressed the importance of the practices that are harmful to international trade to accompany the commercial growth witnessed by the State and since the entry into force of the Federal Law No. 2017, the Ministry of Economy reviewed the most important moves taken. Prevention and counter-measures, including the introduction of an anti-dumping duty on imports of Korean car batteries and a precaution against increased imports of imported iron-tile products: A dumping complaint against cardboard imports is being investigated. Emphasizing the importance of continuous cooperation and concerted efforts between the Ministry of Economy and its partners to mobilize all legal tools and procedures to address these harmful practices.

The committee, headed by the Ministry of Economy, included representatives of 14 federal and local government bodies and representatives of industry and private sectors, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Federal Ministry for Industry and Energy, Federal Authority for Competitiveness and Statistics, the Federal Customs Authority, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology. . Industrial and Industrialized Trade Unions, as well as economic development departments of the seven emirates.

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