Thursday , July 29 2021

Silence is a foot that encourages violence against women.

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Tunisian actress Hend Sabri said that she was one of the cornerstones of the social system that promotes violence against women, saying she rejected all forms of violence against women.

Sabri emphasized that silence is a cornerstone of the social system that promotes violence against women and that this constitutes a suitable basis for transforming it into one of the pillars of the Carthage Dialogue organized at the edges of the Carthage Film Festival. Don't upset anyone.


The Tunisian actress drew attention to the fact that the film "Silence of the Palaces" is an attempt to break the silence and reveal the practices of women behind closed doors.


The Carthage dialogues were made this year under the theme "No, I mean" and was directed by Mokhtar Koukash, a civilian civilian consultant from Tunisia. Tunisian Democratic Women's Union, Jose Ferrous and actress Hend Sabri, and actress and activist Najwa Zuhair.


The seminar asked how the documentary could contribute to reveal the seriousness of this phenomenon and to influence the course of social change. How can the media rehabilitate survivors and reform the law?


As with the Betty campaign, documentary films and video flashes were important to unleash the imam, as actress and civil activist Najwa Zuhair emphasized that it was not possible to recognize the real dimension of violence against women, except when they listened to the stories of the victims. ”In order not to fall into the trap of television, it is one of the most important media, but it contributes to the process of normalization of society by violence against women with some programs,” she says.


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