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Sidi Bouzid: vaccination campaigns for cattle

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  • 2018/11/27 09:37
Sidi Bouzid: vaccination campaigns for cattle

According to Sidi Bouzid Regional Agricultural Development Commission's agro-technical departments and the regional representative of Muhammad Mohamedi, a veterinarian working under the power of attorney system, many vaccination campaigns were carried out to protect herds of herds in the region.

From the beginning of the year until the end of October, 423,000 sheep and goat heads, 27,000 head cattle against foot-to-mouth, and more than 8,000 sheep and goats' heads and more than 19,000 heads of Maltese fire. Against sheep Blue Tongue disease and about 368,000 sheep. "
The Animal Production Department said that "the breeders are now providing internal and external parasites."
Mohammedi said in an epidemiological situation, "Sidi Bouzid, Gharbia, Sharqia, Jalma, An al-Hafi, Sabla, Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, and in the new market places, there are 38 cases of blue-tongue disease confirmed by analysis and 175 epidemics of flowering in sheep." and Sidi Bouzid, the West and East and the new market and the Jalma and question temples Laboratories. "
Ası Thirty-eight cases of rabies have been recorded in most public hospitals, “he said. ”In some vaccines, campaigns were made to destroy dogs and raise awareness of the seriousness of rabies and how to prevent it“.
As for the herd of poultry, the regional delegate said that the sanayi general situation was satisfactory ğinden, as industry and family poultry and migratory birds continued to be monitored within the scope of the avian influenza prevention program. Turkey meat one million birds and 225,000 total weight of 4053 tons.
Educators are also aware of the need to apply biosecurity measures as well as regular monitoring of the national park in Bohdima.


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