Thursday , August 11 2022

Saudi-China partnership to improve fuel technologies


A number of Chinese companies, such as the Saudi Aramco and Tsinghua University, Fu Jiefang Wuxi Diesel Engines and Shandong Chambrod Petrochemicals, have announced the launch of a research program aimed at improving fuel, engines and exhausts. Final processing techniques. This is the first time a large energy company, an engine manufacturer, a petrochemical company and a prestigious university work together to develop advanced fuel and engine technologies to reduce emissions.

This cooperation aims to develop low-emission engines and fuel technologies that can keep pace with tighter emissions regulations.

Within the scope of this research program, Saudi Aramco will present new fuel formulations that support the leading gasoline ignition combustion technology and develop carbon retention techniques to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Partners take on different roles to develop advanced technologies for a sustainable future in the transport sector. Karbrod Petrochemicals carries out production of new fuels for refining models, technical-economic analysis and testing. Fujifang Wuxi provides the application and testing of an integrated vehicle system with prototype engines and post-processing systems.

This collaboration complies with common strategies to create innovative and realistic solutions to reduce carbon emissions while designing more efficient and reliable engines and delivering better fuel performance.

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