Tuesday , July 27 2021

Recognize your body. Important parts of Eye 3 combine more than a million nerve fibers

Thank you for reading about your body's knowledge. The eye has more than 3 million important parts connected to the nerve fiber and now with news details

Cairo – Mohamed Salah – There are three basic parts of the regular eye, which allows us to see us well, according to the göz Haber-medikal bir site, which is connected to more than a million nerve fibers in the optic nerve and mentioned in a new section of izin Diagnosis Your Body em series.

Anatomy of the eye
Anatomy of the eye

The first part: eyeball, associated structures are:

– Conjunctivitis: Transparent transparent lid on the eye.

– White eye: the solid lid of the eyeball.

– The middle layer covering three parts and covering the eyeball, including:

– Student and iris who act like light gaps.

– The ciliary body to regulate the eye opening.

– Choroid containing blood vessels feeds the retina.

– Retina that forms the image.

Corneal: An open transparent layer that allows light to enter.

– Lens is a cellular and non-cellular crystal lens that allows vision.

– An optic nerve that carries image information from the retina to the brain.

In the first part, the second parts are simple and include:

Eye space
Eye space

– Eyeball holding space.

The third part of the eye
The third part of the eye

– Complementary structures such as lashes and tears.

Al Ain informs you that in the Gulf 365, more than one million nerve fibers are linked together by three important parts and that the content related to the subject is written until the seventh day and may have been completely transcribed or quoted, and you can read and follow the news from this source. Next Day 7 We are not responsible for the best wishes for Happy Days from the content of this news.

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