Thursday , August 5 2021

Ragheb Alama supports new capabilities

Superstar Ragheb Alama & # 39; s voice is in the last hours of the studio where he put a new song.

Superstar collected the audience from the recording room in the video halls. Surprisingly, the song carries the signature of a new talent: it was written by Amani al-Nouri and Karnor's distribution. Ragheb said the song was very beautiful and would attract the audience.

It seems Ragheb is backing a new talent, namely Nouri's hope, especially after discovering that you have a talent that deserves encouragement. And he expressed his happiness and satisfaction in the video in new cooperation and seemed very enthusiastic to him.

Elsewhere, Superstar is preparing to play two technical ceremonies for the Children's Cancer Center in Lebanon, the first concert in Abu Dhabi on November 15 at Beach Rotana Hotel. The second event was held on 24 November at Armani Pavillon Hotel in Dubai.

He also finished the recording of a new song that was expected to be released by the beginning of winter. This work, which has been working on the superstar for months, is the name of bu Ridley Kalamati i by Tony Abi Karam, composed by Mahmud Eid.

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