Wednesday , June 16 2021

Qasr Al Watan inspires artists and students with its architectural and cultural aesthetics

ABU DHABI (WAM) – Qasr Al Watan, one of the few functional presidential palaces in the world that opens its doors to visitors, hosted painting sessions at the La Parole Fine Arts Gallery with the participation of a group of artists and art students. and New York University Abu Dhabi.
Inviting 16 talented artists to visit Qasr Al Watan for the first time as part of their efforts to preserve cultural heritage and art and develop creative talents, while participants paint paintings that tell the story of the palace. time in the unique architectural structure itself. The participants explored the palace and its sides, revealing their talents and inspirations by being inspired by Arabic arts and Islamic engineering and architectural designs, adding their own personal touches to the artistic paintings that reflect the aesthetics of the palace journey of visitors to the palace. . Claude Habib, the international plastic artist, founder of the “La Parole Gallery” for plastic art, was among those who attended the painting sessions with a group of students who had the opportunity to create artworks in an inspiring and unique atmosphere.
Qasr Al Watan offers visitors of all ages a unique experience that allows them to discover a different aspect each time they visit the palace; architectural masterpieces that stand out with all their details, or artistic elements and historical heritage that embrace it.

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