Thursday , February 25 2021

Prince of Poets .. The beginning of the journey of the biggest poetry contest in the Arab world.

From the sun of culture and literature, “Abu Dhabi”, the largest television competition in the Arab world, is the journey of the ninth season of the “Prince of Poets Program”, which was organized by the Abu Dhabi Festivals and Culture and Heritage Programs Management Committee in its fifth season and whose recording section was broadcast at 10 o’clock yesterday. and Emirates channels.

In the light of the conditions of the corona epidemic, the poets sent their posts through video clips, the jury followed and evaluated these posts, and also contacted and interviewed directly with participating poets to start the search for a new dream and a unique love story, and inspirational letters and ideas that embraced the passion of poetry lovers. Wherever it carries the message “No is impossible”.

Despite the crisis conditions that have swept the world, Abu Dhabi continues to expand its bridges of creativity and its fingers continue to drive stories of challenge by traveling between countries and moving between homelands, and with this exceptional season and the will to overcome challenges, program management is to accommodate their talent and knit their hopes. opened other windows to meet with participants wherever they are. The Prince of Poets continued his career for eight seasons, where he managed to embrace masters of poetry in various shades and angles and paint a renewed story titled poetry and emirate epic.

The first recording session started its journey by presenting a report that sheds light on the daily lives of the jury members, including Dr. Salah Fadel, the President of the Egyptian Academy of Arabic Language, and Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, the Chairman of the Algerian Arab Language Supreme Council. Head of the Abu Dhabi Center for Arabic Language.

In the program, the program’s advisory board member, poet, novelist and literary critic Dr. In the program, in which the experiences of Muhammad Hajjo were used, it was stated that the jury member “Dr. Abdul-Malik Mortad” could not participate in the jury during the exams of the poets, due to the exceptional conditions the world is in. Professor of semiotics and discourse analysis at the University of Mohammed V in Rabat.

Poetic competitions

The “Prince of Poets” program witnessed critical poetry competitions in the first recording session, where interviews of participants were examined through direct visual contact with the jury, and a group of creative poets and poets of Arab and foreign nationality participated and presented their best. و نافسوا Their power and gazing eyes (the title of Prince of Poets, ring and rose of the emirate).

While most of the poems were praised by the jury, some of them attracted the attention of the committee members with their unity in terms of meaning, structure, poetic images and modernity, with the distinguished reading and high poetic language in their texts, while some managed to surprise the jury with their poetic creativity.

While the jury expressed the future stars of the classical poets who will participate in the next stage, the jury stopped at some poems about the tradition of some texts and the separation of some titles from the content of the text.

The jury’s efforts were made by Sultan Al Amimi, Raad Bandar, Dr. Raad Bandar, Director of the Poetry Academy, Committee for the Management of Festivals and Cultural Heritage Programs in Abu Dhabi. During the recording episodes, Mohammed Hajjo and the poets came together to make a final decision on what to offer. Especially since the poems presented by poets are different subjects and their levels vary in terms of creativity, it takes great effort to make the right decision, to select the best and highest texts in terms of the language of poetry and the techniques used by the members of the two committees, and then to correctly evaluate their texts according to the standards. Followed. The recording of the Prince of Poets Program (, published via its website, can be rewritten for fans of meaningful poetry.

It should not be forgotten that the winner of the title of Prince of Poets will receive one million dirhams in cash, as well as a hair badge and seal of the emirate, 500 thousand dirhams for the second place, and 300 thousand dirhams on the condition that the winner of the third place is awarded 200 thousand dirhams. In fourth place, 100 thousand dirhams for the winner in fifth place and 50 thousand dirhams for the winner in sixth place.

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