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News – Dubai's rare flu & # 39; A teenager was killed in the clock


Release date:11/16/2018 | 4:00 GMT | society

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The unusual influenza virus caused the sudden death of a 17-year-old Indian girl, and hours after her arrival at the hospital, she urged officials to formally investigate the incident.

Rashid Hospital in Dubai, the doctor Alia Niaz Ali when he came to the hospital to do a pre-examination, said the doctors could not distinguish the nature of the virus.

Due to the poor health of the child, he was immediately transferred to the hospital emergency department, subjected to thorough and urgent examinations, and his health continued to deteriorate rapidly until he died for hours after his arrival at the hospital.

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In a statement to the news, the girl's father confirmed that they had received a formal call from the Ministry of Health confirming that the circumstances of the incident had been thoroughly investigated and that the authorities had requested a sample to be examined and well-examined in order to determine the true cause of the hospital's death.

In the same context, doctors stated that the health of the girl was very strange and rare, and that they could not explain why Alia could accumulate fluid in her heart and stomach.

Source: Gulf News

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