Monday , November 30 2020

New technology allows glaucoma patients to self-check their eyes at home

British researchers have developed a technique that allows “glaucoma” patients, also known as “glaucoma,” to monitor their condition by performing a home test.

According to Erm News, this new system can also be used indoors to monitor eye health and infection with this disease in the future.

Glaucoma affects the eyes and causes damage to the optic nerve, which can subsequently cause irreversible vision loss and is the main cause of vision loss worldwide.

Glaucoma patients need lifelong follow-up and joint eye exams to keep track of the progress of the condition, and these follow-ups require regular hospitalization.

The innovation of the new system was provided by researchers from Metropolis University in London. Especially after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, to examine the eyes and glaucoma at home, to impose periods of closure and house ban. Especially since annual hospital visits are considered an inadequate measure to monitor infection with this disease.

The researchers provided 20 glaucoma patients in England and Wales with a home eye test prototype and a tablet computer based on artificial intelligence technology for six months and asked them to test for the presence of glaucoma at home.

According to the researchers, the results of the home examination were 98% similar to the results of tests performed in clinics and hospitals.

This home monitoring system helps to monitor the status and progress. And prevent vision loss by exploring months or years before it happens.

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