Thursday , July 29 2021

"Meteorology": Weather

From Monday to Friday, the National Meteorological Center foresees a cloudy weather in some regions, especially on the islands, where it is likely to rain with dusty winds, dust and sometimes low visibility activities.


Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Clouds, especially on the shores, in some western and northern regions, and windy dust and dust can sometimes be seen occasionally.

Wind: up to 45 km / h with cumulus clouds from 22 to 35 to northeast, northeast and north.

Sea: Turbulent and mild with moderate clouds, especially in the Arabian Gulf in the Arabian Sea.


It is wet in the mornings, cloudy in the islands and in some coastal and northern regions with the possibility of special rain and activates the dusty winds of dust and dust, sometimes resulting in a low horizontal appearance.

Wind: Southeast, with Cumulus clouds from 22 to 35 to 45 km / h in Northwesterly & # 39;

Sea: Middle turbulent in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.


Partly overcast in some areas, especially in the west.

Wind: It is between 18 and 30 to 40 km / h to the north-east and northwest to the northwest.

Sea: The Mediterranean Sea at night, sometimes shaking in the Arabian Gulf and moderate and moderate in the Arabian Sea.


Some areas are partly cloudy and some cumulus clouds can be eastward.

Wind: Southeast between 18 and 30 to 38 km / h on the sea, to the east and northeast.

Sea: The Mediterranean Sea sometimes swings in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea.


Some areas are partly cloudy and the opportunity is ready to be Cumulus clouds in the east and north, and the wind is active in the afternoon and is dusty in the open areas.

Wind: Southeast, east and northeast, 18 to 30 to 40 km / h from the sea.

Sea: A moderate turbulent wave in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea.


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