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Important help to the people of the island to alleviate the pain .. Projects to overcome the hurricane remains in the UAE, Socotra


"We appreciate the UAE's efforts to provide services to the people of the island," Sulejman Shalulha, one of the most prominent Socotra executives, said in a press release.

The role of the UAE and the humanitarian and charitable organizations in the islands of the islands was defined as an expression of the goodwill and policy of the UAE and its people. He said this aid was not the result of these years, it was more ancient.

  • In the UAE, hourly Socotra is working to provide electricity and to build residential units in the capital of the island.
  • The Khalifa Humanitarian Relief Foundation has improved dozens of schools in both rural and urban areas and paid more than 300 teachers monthly salaries.
  • More than 200 students were sent to complete their university studies in multiple disciplines in the UAE.

Qabalan pointed out that the UAE's relations with Qatar and its people came back through the early 70s and through family ties and historical ties. Throughout the history of the UAE and the great leader Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan El Nahyan, who tried to establish the Union, and between the UAE and the island of Socotra. "

Qablan is an important role in the development of the island, which has started at high speed since the restructuring was announced by the UAE and the local authority represented by Major General Salim Abdullah Issa, UAE. pointed out that played.

Since then, the UAE has been striving to provide the best services, to provide infrastructure, to work to create a new reality on the island, and to provide a better life for the children of Socotra.

Qablan, "UAE, has built a Khalifa hospital on the ruins of the ruined Hidibu hospital building for almost four years." Said. UAE has not been successful in treating only the most difficult cases in the UAE Capital Abu Dhabi Hospitals.

Qablan pointed out that the UAE charities put fingerprints on every aspect of life to save the affected, drilled in remote areas and set up a port in the böl Hawalaf çek area for large ships, which can now take more than five ships at the same time. In addition to the establishment of a bed for small boats and boats.

In an interview with Al Arab, Qablan pointed out that the UAE works to provide electricity to Socotra hourly and to build residential units in the island's capital. He also provided heavy equipment to reopen roads destroyed by sequential cyclones that struck Socotra in recent years (Chabala, Megh, Makano and Laban) and severely damage the infrastructure.

Social activist and political activist Rafat El Taqli, "the humanitarian aid branches of the UAE, especially the Khalifa Humanity Foundation and the UAE Red Crescent, played an important role in helping the inhabitants of Socotra and alleviating the pain of natural hurricanes hitting the island in recent years." Said. And the war that is largely reflected in the deterioration of the already humble services and facilities in Yemen.

Al-Taki told the "Arabs" that the support provided by the UAE has become concrete in the various service sectors and the support provided by the public permanently.

Al-Hikali told Al-Arab that the UAE was completed in mid-2012, and in mid-2011 Socatra changed health in the early period of the UAE with the establishment of Khalifa Hospital in Hadibou. Revised the role of the archipelago in its development. Former UAE Yemen was opened by Abdullah Matar Al Mazrouei Ambassador. The UAE's role in supporting the health sector has continued through the provision of equipment and medicines as well as medical staff.

Housing units and educational institutions

He emphasized that UAE has made significant contributions to the development of Socotra, where he built residences for residents of the village of Madinat Zaid 1 for Sora village, Zined 2 in the village of Stara and Zayed 2 on the island of Zaqq. Residents suffered significant damage to the environment and development of the Socotra Archipelago in the middle of the Socotra Archipelago. The UAE has restored more than 100 schools and mosques in all areas of Socotra, and 4 health has restored the unit. "

On the education side, the Khalifa Humanitarian Relief Foundation rehabilitated dozens of schools in the countryside or in the city and paid a monthly salary to more than 300 teachers per year for a year. complete education in all disciplines.

The UAE pointed out that many vital sectors, such as fishing through export of fish factories, provided significant assistance to the people of the island and supported the fishermen with modern fishing boats.

The UAE support also included the restoration and rehabilitation of Socotra Airport, the lighting of the solarium, the renovation of the airport tower, and the supply of modern air navigation equipment.

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