Wednesday , August 4 2021

How do perfumes affect mental health?

Constitution – Perfumes are the finishing touches of elegance used and express the individual’s personality, in addition, perfumes play a big role in improving mood, supporting self-confidence and others.

As with the smell of aromatic scents, most people associate the scent of perfume with certain people and certain memories in the formation of neural connections where scent is intertwined with emotions.

Perfumes also have a huge impact on mental health, according to Psychology Today:

1- Perfume can be used to arouse feelings towards a family member in their absence, because reminding them of the scent adds to the feeling of that person’s presence more than just looking at their picture.

2- Perfumes containing mint help activate the part of our brain that wakes us up in the morning.

Brian Rawdenbusch, a psychologist at Wheeling University in West Virginia, confirmed that exercisers ran faster and did more push-ups when exposed to scents containing perfume or peppermint.

3. Fragrances containing jasmine help sleep “Our research shows that the scent of jasmine in the bedroom leads to a more restful night’s sleep and increased alertness the next day,” says Rawdenbusch.

Other labs have found that the scent of jasmine increases brain waves associated with deep sleep.

4- Fragrances containing lavender help to relax and exposure to the scent of lavender can reduce the heart rate.

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