Sunday , November 29 2020

HCT celebrates 30 years of "Founder Leader"

The High Technology College (HCT) organized its 30th anniversary on 16 faculties with the theme of "Excellence for Thirty Years Yüksek. The event focused on the role of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan El Nahyan, the founding leader. Zayed was also honored in honor of the "Sons of Zayed" 2017/2018.

Minister of Human Resources and Migration and President of the High Technology College, Nasser Bin Thani Al Hamli, characterized the fact that the celebration of colleges for 30 years is characterized by the fact that it coincides with the founding leader Zayed, who acknowledges the most important priority of education. his belief, success, success and excellence. Yüce Teknoloji is proud of its achievements reflecting the vision of its founding leader and the UAE, which could contribute to the construction of the country.

Since its inception, TACT has announced that 60,000 graduates of the Technical Colleges and their graduates in various scientific and technical fields have contributed to their graduation. At the 30th anniversary of their establishment, TACT celebrates a new Zayed graduate. It will enable the labor market to meet its challenges with innovation, innovation and ability to contribute to change for a better future.

The. 30 Years of Excellence doğal celebrations were separated by the nature of the founder leader's spirit, reflecting the ideas and values ​​we have still learned and drawn. To date, the "Time Capsule" initiative, which includes letters written by students and employees from the founding leader, was announced. They were also influenced by Sheikh Zayed's thought as to how Sheikh Zayed's lives and thoughts and words contributed to inspiration and future generations, as well as pictures and messages about the history of colleges. All messages were placed in the "Time Capsule". In order to see how the leader remained, the founder of the High Tech College was inspired by generations, and the emphasis on the location of the capsule was a carved installation, showing the place where a hawk statue, designed on the Arab original line, emerged to reflect Sheikh Zayed's expression on education: kal To educate people and It is designed by the artist Omar Safa, who is designing the future as a scientist.

"The opening of the Inspirational Leader Monument", which includes portraits and immortal expressions of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan El Nahyan, inspired the youth of the future. The activities encouraged my students and friends to take photographs of Salafis & # 39; The drones, equipped with high-resolution cameras, have been released from the top of the event, for the students and members of the management and teaching bodies, with the addition of 30 images.


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