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«Galveston» .. Melanie Laurent is out of control but good


Here are the details of this news «Galveston» .. good despite Melanie Laurent's departure

Perhaps the best description of the name of a city in Texas is Galveston: Patchwork. Where weaknesses or weaknesses are used to strengthen the text, the film is aware of the representative staff and the text written on the paper must be recorded after the original text.

This theory can be supported by the news that Nick Pizzolato, the author of the original adaptation of this work, put his name in a nail box following the annexes of French star Melanie Laurent and French actress Foster and Eil Fanning. The excerpt that leads to the complete change in Pizzolato's vision. The filmmakers collided and checked and found the cinematographers to see the directors they described. Pizzaolato retreated and called his nickname, Jim Hammett, who had a wikipedia page or a famous IMDB.


The film begins in 1988, and Roy (Foster) is a criminal who works for a gang leader named Stan (Bo Brzez). Roy, who has lung cancer, goes out of his clinic after the doctor tells him he's sick, and leaves the clinic without waiting for more information about the diagnosis.

It's not clear if the gang leader feels threatened because Roy has been meeting his girlfriend before, or Roy isn't competent, but the leader decided to rescue Roy by sending it on a mission, but tell him not to carry his weapon! There's no reason for a leader to plan to kill his leg in an ambush.

This is exactly what it is, but Roy is smarter than carrying his gun, doing his job, and battling violent action, and killing his colleague, takes the enemy away from his father and goes out and decides to release a girl tied to a chair. The girl is called Raquel (Fanning) and loves to be called Rocky. In the course of his escape, Rocky asks Roy to stop in the old house, then he fires a gunfire and comes up with a little girl (Twin Tinsley and Aniston Price, playing the hero's sister). He says that he is his sister and that he has rescued her from the violence of his father: Roy is going to Galveston, where they live with a kidnapped girl in a small hotel until he is governed. For example, clichés appear as an attempt to enter Roy's body. That is why he is a good person without explaining why he refuses, or he refuses to protect himself because he wants to help his separation.

A gang man who repents

Until a person turned into a "cliché", we watched many films and series about a penitentiary seeking salvation. Roy's story is the story of the film, from the point where the film tells itself, not the best of the film, but the least interesting and weightless. He is the patient, saying that he is fighting death and his intentions are uncertain, and it seems that all his goal is to save his destiny from Rocky's. We don't know anything that can care. On the other hand, is the ambiguous and interesting character of Rocky kidnapped or rescued the child? What is the secret of a shot? These are all the details that will appear in the middle part of the film, but Laurent Roque is still neglected and goes to Roy. In the middle of the film, the touches of Loran are more evident because of the better understanding of the film and the audience's expectations. For example, expectations arise when this is a road movie, that is, as characters move towards the place of escape from the scene, Laurent opposes the characterization of his characters at Galveston Hotel.

If you think Lauren and Fanning are pushing in another direction, then there's no need to reveal the details, as Roy's relationship with Rocky is expected to be romantic, especially for reasons not related to the profession. Galveston mentions another 1977 film, Julia, who leaves the most interesting character, leaves the most interesting character, and focuses on others to tell the story.

Partial quality

Laurent, French actress, best known for her role as an avant-garde actress in Quentin Tarantino's Crazy Tit in 2009, proved her exceptional vision of the Enemy in 2013, and her previous film Breathe in Operation Finale this year. This. "Galveston" is a pretty good movie, although Laurent has been released from control over several episodes.

The final scene of the film has moved 20 years ahead. We see Roy in Ike, 2008. For those interested in exploring the film, we don't want to show more details, but we say that this is a much better part of the film. As we are watching another film, in the tone and the story, when the viewer is moved to a partial representation of a completely different story interspersed with some kind of surreal imagination, a bitter reality, and when the viewer is more drenched and longed, the film suddenly ends, Galveston » Film.

Laurent is very confident in the camera and the film seems to be unrelated to the text: there are two True Action detective series played by Laurent in Jesse Bourne, a piece by Paul Greengrass, which was played by Laurent, the beginning of Roy's outbreak and a compass of the stage. . There are shots of dialogue in which Lauren left the camera without focusing on one of the interviewers, and in the Richard Lincliter experiment in the iler Befor “trilogy, the role of the actors in creating a harmony relationship with each other. The film features beautiful panoramic photographs of a beach at the Breathe previously mentioned, beautiful and striking, illuminated with framed and attractive colors, not all consistent with the tone of the dark film. At least Fow, who starred in No Leave Trace earlier this year, is Fang who gives his character more than a typical tonal dealer.

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Different business

Pizzolato wrote his novel "Galveston" in 2010, before his famous series True Detective, in 2014, not just like the series, but because of Laurent's vision, it was a completely different work than the text of Pizzolato. said that.


The year the movie started.

The film contains beautiful panoramic pictures of a sea beach. The other framed and light colors are attractive and beautiful and shaky.

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