Sunday , September 25 2022

Federer raises controversy over Tokyo Olympics


Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer pointed out his absence before joining the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Federer, in his statements to the media, said that he tended to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but would not be sorry when he was not at the Summer Olympics.

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The Swiss tennis star said he was linked to Unico with a contract that did not force the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to participate.

"I like the idea of ​​participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but I will not be sad if I do not participate in this historic conversation," Roger said. Said.

"I was associated with a contract with Unico, but my agreement with them was not based on my view of the next Olympic Games."

"I have participated in major contests in the Olympics before and still feel I can achieve something, but so far there is nothing to ensure participation and participation in upcoming competitions in Tokyo."

"The tournament is approaching, but I still feel that the tournament is too far away. It will be two years and I will be 39 when the competition is held in 2020."

"Everyone likes to play at the Olympics to win the gold medal, so I want to, but I have no idea I'll stay until then."

Federer is currently preparing for the final of the season, which will be held in London from November 11th to November 18th, so that the sweepstakes faced opponents.

Eight of the best tennis players will be in the final round with Rafael Nadal's injury in a 1,500-point tournament in London.

Federer became known as Leyton Hewitt in the second group with Ken Nichikori, Kevin Anderson and Dominic Thym.

Federer, who won the championship six times, finished last in 2011, when he had to fight with his rivals, Kevin Anderson, Kenny Nishikure and Dominic Thyme.

The Swiss legend will continue his way to the last championship with a tough and tough battle against the stubborn Japanese player Ki Nishikuri.

Although Roger did not appear to be in the best technical situation, he won the ninth title of the Swiss tournament in Switzerland for a few weeks, but he won a special level in the Paris semi-finals in Novak Djokovic's semifinals, a game that lasted more than three hours before the Serbian decision.

The third seed will try to avenge the defeat of South African rival Kevin Anderson in the epic match between the couple in the Wimbledon Open in July.

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