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Elissa bra and appears in a transparent shirt. The people blamed him for the rift (photos)

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Elissa bra and appears in a transparent shirt. The public blames her on the dawn of a ruse on November 13, 2018, Tuesday.

Lebanese singer Elissa has released a series of photos from Dubai during her participation in the concert Givenchy .

Elissa had a bold look in these images and revealed many parts of her body and was criticized by her followers.

And Elissa, one of the followers, said: "But I mean, the presence of Cancer and Mesh Hammock and wearing it as a medicine. Blach Alvora De honesty. I love you but basically love the Mtsahlish, after the dirty dress.

Another observer said: "People like bombardment and dying and people watching, although I don't like elissa, but nudity is not a sophisticated style."

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