Saturday , July 2 2022

Dubai Health uses first class equipment to serve patients – 07-11-2018 – Dubai Health uses state-of-the-art equipment to serve patients


DHA has used a range of high-quality medical devices and devices to be used at the premises of the Institution in the next phase to serve patients.

The agency pointed out that the devices are the best and best in the world in terms of radiation, brain and spine surgery, blood tests in pregnant women and embryos, vital indicators and tests of truths.

The agency said that it reached the fifth session of the Dubai Future Fair, which was agreed with a group of world's leading companies in the production and production of intelligent medical equipment and advanced testing methods.

The agency stated that six devices will be used and used in the next phase, including the "surgical navigation device", where doctors performing brain and spine surgery are very sensitive in identifying and diagnosing any health problem in the brain and spine. The doctors in the operating rooms have the highest degree of accuracy and safety to perform the necessary operations.

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