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Deutsche Bank plans to issue green bonds in 2020


«Economic» from Riyadh

DUBAI (Reuters) – Christian Seifeng, CEO of Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest bank, said the adoption of environmentally friendly sustainable economic policies has become a major challenge for the banking group. , "Green Bonds".
Speaking at a conference organized by the Bundesbank, Seifeng did not comment on the size of the green bond offer, adding that according to Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank plans to offer bonds next year.
Green bonds and loans have surpassed $ 200 billion since the beginning of this year, bringing the market to $ 230 billion and $ 250 billion by the end of the year.
Green bonds are a class of fixed income securities that collects capital for growing and environmentally beneficial projects.
According to the Climate Bonds Initiative, as of October 22, bond and green credit issuance was $ 202.2 billion due to problems in Singapore, Japan, Sweden and China.
Although green bonds represent a small portion of the bond market, they draw more attention: Achieving emission targets will require trillions of dollars from the public and private sectors.
In January, HSBC said green-world bond issues in the world were expected to range from $ 140 billion to $ 180 billion this year, from $ 149.2 billion in 2018.

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