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Ahli is expected to strike 3 strikes to respond to Tunisia


Naseem News, quoting from Eurosport, is sending 3 beats to Al-Ahly, 3 strikes in Al-Ahly to respond to Tunisia's decline, in response to the decline in Tunisia. we are visiting you. News News news today, we start our news.

Al Ahli club president Nasim News Center Mahmoud El Khatib will hold a stormy meeting with the football team's coach Patrice Cartiron and the general coach and acting director of the football team, Mohamed Youssef, to discuss a number of issues related to the football team. Champions League final followed by the club president was requested.

The meeting will also determine the needs of technical staff in the coming period and will be designed for the next phase for the team to start next month in the new version of the Champions League.

Europesport learned from sources in the Red Castle that the French coach and the Pepo meeting, even when it reached the final of Africa, revealed the ultimate perception for the finalization of the January agreements and centers to free the team from the present poor. The Tunisian team at the stadium had three clean goals, despite winning the Burj Al Arab tertiary goal.

Despite the narrow situation of Cartier in particular, Khatib decided to be supported by at least 5 players, most notably Hüseyin Al Shahat Al Ain UAE player and Huddersfield English star Ramdan Sobhi, Syrian player and Mahmoud Wahid star star and Tahir Ahmed Saleh. Muhammed Taher, an Arab contractor. And in another way, he shows Amr Marei's star and the goal of the Tunisian Shah, explaining his desire to play for the Ahli.


Patrice Cartieron, the first coach of the Al Ahly football team, made a long talk with the players in the locker room and prepared for the UAE in the 16th leg of the Zayed Cup for Champions Clubs.

Cartieron spoke to the players about the challenges facing the team in the next stage and focused on the mistakes that occurred in the past period to prevent them in the next phase.

French coach Ahly asked his players to defend their dignity by calling the Esperance or Tunisian social networking sites at the stadium or by asking the red fans to dismiss the team and have a limited number. Cartier also warned Ahli players about any drop or fall. Before the Jeddah League, pay the price for the loss of a new championship, whether it be Al Wasl UAE or the Arabian Arab championship in front of the Super Egyptian Saudi Arabia. Emphasizing that all options are possible with the decision of the Board of Directors.

Patrice Cartieron, the first team coach of the Al Ahli Club, held a special session with team doctor Khalid Mahmoud to prepare for the UAE match. . Cartieron confirmed the status of all players complaining about injuries before and after the Espérance match in Tunisia.

Al Ahli resumed his education after the team left after returning from Tunisia on Saturday.

For him, the general coach and assistant director of the football club Ahli, Mohammad Yousef, said that it is just an exhaustion to mention the departure of any player at the moment, and that he is in constant consultation between the body to resolve the African list before submitting it next Thursday.


Youssef showed his confidence in the abilities of the actors and their personalities to deal with everything from time to time about their separation. And it is certain that these trials will not be determined to compensate for the loss of the African Champions League title by fighting in all the tournaments of the local or Arab team, as they will not undermine their commitment to continue the journey with the team to correct the current situation and work again for the happiness of the masses. And a continent.

Al Ahli is preparing to face Al Wasl in the 16th round of the Zayed Cup for the Arab Championship Clubs on November 22nd.

According to another aspect, the Board of Directors of the Al-Ahli Club, headed by Mahmoud al-Khatib, approve the budget and final account for the last year to prepare for the ordinary general assembly meeting scheduled for this month's 23:00 pm on Thursday. will hold a meeting.

At the meeting, the Board of Directors will review the agenda which includes a series of files related to the general assembly regulations and the structural and administrative aspects of the various sectors of the club.

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