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A new Israeli violation in Africa: a future station in Sudan?

His meeting with Tel Aviv & Chadian President Idriss Deby on Sunday and his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the occupying power, Rivlin Rivlin, would not have been possible if the wave of normalization and Netanyahu's satisfaction with the Arab race won. Netanyahu 's visit to Muscat and Israeli Sports Minister Merit Regev' s reception. In the UAE and announced Israel recently came a statement about the launch of diplomatic relations with the State of Bahrain. As if that was not enough, Netanyahu used a joint press conference with Deby to announce his upcoming visit to other Arab countries. The media in Istanbul ran less than an hour later to say that one of these countries was Sudan. Chadian President's visit to Tel Aviv followed months of intense contacts. Two years ago, former Israeli Foreign Ministry Director Dori Gold's attempts to reestablish these relationships failed due to what Chad saw as an unfortunate and inappropriate timing. Netanyahu's Africa Africa Summit last year and after the summit in Kenya.

Chad has been targeted as a state to escape the circle of African countries against the occupation force


Although Netanyahu has been undergoing a persevering policy of the occupying state since the return of Netanyahu in 2009, a statement to the Gold shows the place of n Maariv, rağmen as well as penetrating the continent to re-establish diplomatic relations with 40 African countries on the continent. Chad was targeted as a state to escape the circle of African countries against the occupation state, and its participation in the Israeli axis in Africa was attributed to the acceleration of American support for the occupation government, as opposed to the unconformity between Israel and the United States during the Barack Obama period.

Gold said that the election of Netanyahu and his government as a candidate for the improvement of relations with Chad was neither accepted nor accepted by any state which accepted formal relations with Israel, in particular for his geopolitical position, especially on neighboring states. Given the potential impacts. "When we saw the map of neighboring countries from Guinea to Sudan, we decided to work in the Sahara and Morocco in this region. After completing our talks with the Prime Minister, we went to the capital of Chad. From there, to an oasis in the heart of the desert. We've traveled 40 kilometers, and we've been in talks all day. "

Gold spoke of his visit to Chad two years ago, and Israel was hoping to reestablish relations with Chad at the time, but the conditions were not "appropriate". Gold is due to the fact that Chad is chosen as a country to intensify contacts in order to intensify the elections, because it is a very important country in Africa and has a positive and stable effect in the region. he was appreciated for his participation in the forces. .

The statements of the Golden are an important indicator of the aspirations of the Israeli motifs and the significant achievements of relations with Chad: First, to restore the legitimacy of a non-Arab ler Islamic lem from the restoration of relations between the two countries and to keep pace with the Palestinian cause directly in the international forums. is to neutralize. Opposition to the bids against the occupation power in the hope of gathering in favor of Israeli decisions and proposals.

Tel Aviv, Israel in recent years, former Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Netanyahu 's visit to the Horn of Africa by a series of official visits to the Horn of the penetration or closing process after the expansion of the Israeli influence in Central Africa he achieved achievements and then moved on to relations with West African countries and the South. Chad, the heart of Central Africa, was far from the surrounding of the Israeli activity, which seemed to be unbroken even after the end of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1972, but remained hidden or invisible.

The greed of Israel seems clear in Chad, from the greed of Israel to the uranium mines to the nuclear industry, to the economic interests of security and military exports, and to the sale of various security expertise to provide economic and financial revenues. Yedioth does not hesitate to Ahronoth Chadian President Idriss Deby, the ban on the demonstration and arresting opponents arrested the site announced in a report on the President's site.

To assure Israel's role in maintaining the stability of the Deby regime, Israel's formula of ”fighting Islamic extremism and its Islamic threat 39, the Chad reality and the challenges posed by opposition groups, including an Islamist from the Boko Haram organization's border with Nigeria and Sudan.

The Israeli equation with the former Eastern European countries and African countries, which also entered the White House, also applies to Chad and Sudan.


Apparently, the old Eastern European countries and the other African countries entering the White House also pass through Tel Aviv. This also applies to Chad and Sudan. This may explain why Netanyahu chose to visit Idriss Deby from Tel Aviv to announce the proximity of the visits to the countries. Other Arabic. In the media, the meaning of Sudan, which can be interpreted as another message of Chad's gain from its relations with Israel, facilitates the solution of the border disputes between Chad and Sudan by using the Tel Aviv influence in Washington. It was emphasized that it was effective. Sudan hopes to improve relations with the United States, especially after removing economic sanctions in the US and Sudan.
Considering the importance of Gold for its position in Chad and its role in peacekeeping forces, the visit of Israel's President to Israel, Hoyom & # 39; It can be said that it is the culmination of what he described as the spring of Israel in Africa. And Israel returned to Africa. "

Israel's success in dismantling international; blocks us against Israel in international forums, especially in Israel, and facilitating the process of accepting Israel as an observer member of the African Union, especially in Israel The position is expected to be reflections. In particular, the development of relations is in mutual interest, including the consolidation of the regime (which appears to be the main cause of Deby) and, in particular, agriculture, infrastructure and the use of development projects in Israel's advanced technology areas to Chad. If developed. In the last decade, the occupation has exploited the revolutions of the Arab Spring and the war against these revolutions, paving the way for the current president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, to engage in the coup attempt and the internal states of the Arab countries. To support military and technological expertise in the service of African regimes that suffer from weapons, internal turmoil and oppressive rule, and to support these regimes in the absence of an absolute Arab in favor of the occupying state.

Since Netanyahu's return to power, the occupation has carried out a study of the Palestinian issue in order to consolidate the ini extent and magnitude of the Israeli-Arab and Palestinian conflict “, attempts to break Arab-non-Arab states and the Arab world as a whole, and the African identity in the Israeli identity. He put the Arab relations and these ties into the second circle in terms of importance in the accounts of African countries, which saw the decline of Arab countries and investments in Africa.

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