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A delegation from ında Indoor “talks with Singapore Civil Defense in the fields of fire and risk management


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Wednesday November 14, 2018 – 09:05

Abu Dhabi, November 14 (WAM) – A delegation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, headed by Major General Jassim Mohammed Al Marzouqi, within the framework of the exchange of experience and information between the countries of the world to improve security and security in the UAE ; ni visited. And take advantage of global experiences in the development and improvement of civil defense apparatus in the country.

During his visit, His Majesty Jassim Al Marzouqi met with Mr. Eric Yap, General Commissioner for Civil Defense of Singapore, sharing his experiences and experiences in the areas of education and scientific research, protection and fire fighting, as well as in fire and disaster management in Singapore. . Singapore Civil Society involved a number of field activities for civil defense operations and reviewed Singapore capabilities and capabilities used in risk prevention and fire control.

During the visit, the delegation of the UAE Ministry of Interior visited the Singapore Civil Defense Fire Test Laboratory, which included a special research unit for the development and selection of fire protection materials, and the delegation also visited the Central Operational Center of Civil Defense Centers in Singapore. visited. Mechanism of receiving communications and how to deal with them to cope with fires and management.

During the visit, Major General Marzouki stressed the importance of adapting to developments in the field of civil defense globally and utilizing international expertise in the development and development of performance, capabilities, scientific and talented skills, and the use of intelligent systems to improve the capabilities and capabilities of civil defense organs in the country.

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