Wednesday , February 24 2021

70% of Zayed University students are employed by their branches.

Abu Dhabi:
Ayat al-Deeb
Zayed University Director Riyad Al Muhaideb said that the university's enrollment rate of more than one year was around 70%, and that the university would join approximately 1500 graduates from its branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and half of these students were directly employed. In the first year after graduation, when hiring the second half, it is slightly delayed for better recruitment.
El-Muhaidib said in his statement to the "Gulf": 11% of graduates do not want to hire most groups of women shortly after graduation due to family commitments, while less than 10% of post-graduation students say, they want to move forward to complete the work. He emphasized that the university pursued its students and needs after graduation and aimed to provide suitable employment opportunities for them.
Al-Muhaidib said the university in its branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai provides 700 to 800 part-time jobs per year for students.

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