Monday , March 8 2021

32 low-cost weekly flights that carry tourists to the Kingdom

Amman – Tomorrow– In the Amman and Aqaba, the kingdom is expected to take 32 low-cost flights per week and contribute to the revival of tourism to Aqaba and the Golden Triangle. Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat, and then the rest of the tourist regions of the Kingdom.
He added that the kingdom is experiencing a qualitative leap in the tourism movement, with high and very active booking rates rising.
According to the initiative, the arrival of low-cost aircraft, passenger transport on board, the maximum capacity of passengers and 180 tourists for travel, is a positive indicator of this project. In these new destinations, the Commission carries out Jordan's integrated marketing programs.
He added that this step reflects joint efforts to meet the needs and needs of tourists, and at this stage he was able to meet the needs of Britain's larger potential tourist sector, which in general would have a positive impact on the national economy and particularly on the tourism sector.
He said that the operation of these low-cost lines came after a joint effort between the Tourism Promotion Agency (RTA) and Rayne Air and EasyJet, and the company operates in the low-cost aviation system that provides basic passenger services.
Arabiyat said that these lines will contribute to increase the number of tourists coming to Aqaba and stimulate commercial movements, which will positively affect various economic sectors and will facilitate the movement of investors from Aqaba and Aqaba.
He pointed out that this success was in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the related parties in the tourist regions for the tourism sector, and drew attention with his unique efforts to support tourism in the Aqaba region.

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