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16.9 billion dollars will be obtained with digital transformation of industrial sector in the region – LAS Dubai


Reem Al Hajri.

Abu Dhabi, November 15 (WAM) – Honeywell chairman Norm Gillesdorf,
Fast growing regions, Middle East and Russia, can provide digital transformation
US $ 16.9 billion annually in the industry
Industrialization in the Middle East between 2017-2021
Annual cost savings and productivity increase is estimated at 17.3%.
$ 1 billion according to PricewaterhouseCoopers
The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Honeywell witnesses significant progress in digital transformation
Commitment to shaping a sustainable future for future generations
ADIPEC is one of the largest and most effective oil and gas industry events.
In the world .. Honeywell & # 39; s review of various custom solutions, he said.
Security and security solutions and "Hanwell for relevant plant technologies"
A special statement of participation in the Abu Dhabi Fair and Conference from Emirates News Agency (WAM)
International Oil "ADIPEC 2018" aims to emphasize its impact
Statistics and analysis of data on efficiency improvement and efficiency
Industries in the UAE and the Middle East.

She added this technology to our world about the results
Enhanced productivity and increased savings have made it the ability to launch.
Unleash potential and knowledge of employees in the oil and gas industry

It is clear that the researchers are working to introduce new technologies initiated by Hanwell.
Throughout 2018, including the industrial prevention of fire and gas leakage,
Includes 2 and 3 supported SIL controllers equipped with back-up systems
And the possibility of switching without having to turn off the system. He drew with
Expectations of the region to increase investments in internet technology
From $ 6.99 billion in 2018 to $ 12.6 billion in 2021
Honeywell recently opened Honeywell Technology Experience Center in Dubai
Playing the role of a stakeholder platform from the UAE and countries
Gain practical experience from the Gulf and other areas and direct solutions
Hardware and software integration with Honeywell's Internet technology stuff
And effective data analysis capabilities.

WAM / Reem Al Hajri / Zakaria Mohieddin

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