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125 Dirili; Watch and invite Ertugrul Alnoortv and Yarmouk online

Series Argerel Resurrection Section V Artagarl Shah & # 39; s not too much, but the highest percentages of scenes emerged and the emergence of series of historical events of the audience with the presentation of the distinctive features of the audience attracted the attention of the Turkish drama and celebrities in the series, drama or the role of players and Harem series of innovations such as the top Details were presented. The same historical period presentation which is characterized by the series of the sultan, but in reality almost about a degree of reality is very different and dramatic plot of this date, Turkey, and expects to have a private conversation about characterized the history of the Ottoman Empire. This directory is worth winning to watch the world in all Arab countries.

And after the extraordinary success Resurrection of Argerel In the first and second chapters of Artagarl 124 and 122 after the beginning of the fifth season, we broadcast the live stream to watch the Artegrel resurrection, as well as the scanning of all channels for the publication of the Arabic and Madbalijah translated series, and we watch all the lovers of Turkish dramas in the Arab world. Chapter V of the Artegral Resurrection After the end of the fourth chapter, which was ended at the end of the last year, we will show you all the ways to follow the events of the new departments in the Arab world, which are expected by everyone, without delay and publish a channel list that has the right to broadcast. without jamming or hacking or subscription.

Through our websiteArab Foursome News"In the Turkish art world, we look at all the details of the historical Turkish disaster that has caused a great media feel. Series IV A series of viewers around the world looking for information about the rest of the events that started with the beginning of the first episode shown in 2014, under the name of the Resurrection of Artegrel.

Chapter 5 et Keep watching et for the new season

The historical Argerel Resurrection series is a dramatic drama that has created a stir in the Turkish drama world and a significant change in the presentation of Turkish art. Artigrall 122 Resurrection Resurrection Ertugrul The Turkish drama is well-known for its romantic and exciting social activities, but this series has achieved great public success over the past years.

Argerel resurrection times
Argerel resurrection times

The audiences of all Arab and world countries expected to see the events of the series and to complete the historical process of the TV show Resurgence series in the series. Now, in addition to websites that have the right to publish the last Turkish series to Arabic, we will look at all the details of the show on TV channels.

Live Streaming
Live Streaming

English TRT channel link to show the Artegral resurrection of Arabic

V Timing of the Artergill Resurrection

In addition to the opening timing of the first part of the new season, we'll review the dates of the episodes to be published in all Arab countries, after a long time, the first part of the series will be shown on Wednesday, November 7th. And the premiere of the Argerel Resurrection series on the channel TRT TRT Turkey time of 8.00 in the afternoon & # 39; and in the next line, we'll show dates considering the time difference from one country to another.

  • 16:00 Artegrel timing of the resurrection in Turkey (Istanbul).

In this way, we will present the official histories of the show in all Arab countries, along with the differences in the timing, and we will clarify the dates of the episodes again, but we will explain them directly to Turkish channels or to the Arab channels on all satellites. If any new information is available, we will clean it immediately.

Artigrel Chapter V Resurrection The Resurrection of Ertugrul
Artigrel Chapter V Resurrection The Resurrection of Ertugrul

Artagrl Part V Interpreter and connection to the light site to show the resurrection of the Arabic Madbalij

It should be noted that the Al-Noor website has the right to broadcast live events of the new Arrangement Arabic subtitles and that all viewers in the world can watch the series after the first show of TRT Turkish, and then they will be shown on many other channels. Some channels in the Nilesat and the next lines will show you channels and frequencies correctly.

Link to the light site to translate the sequence of the resurgence to Arabic

Argerel Resurrection
Argerel Resurrection

Argerel Resurgence Part The frequency of channels carrying the V series

There is a group of satellite channels that transmit special offers and live broadcasts of the last episodes of the fifth episode of the Artegrel Resurrection series.

Argerel Resurrection Department
Argerel Resurrection Department

Thus, in addition to presenting all the correct frequencies and channel groups that transmit serial events in serial or Arabic or Mdbalij language, we present to you that we provide the official link of the light site that displays the series on the Internet and will immediately join another detail.

Frequency of Yarmouk channel to show the resurrection of the Artagrill Part V

Here is the correct frequency for the Yarmouk channel where the new section is displayed, but the next day the episode is shown in the Turkish channel. You just need to set the correct frequency in your receivers.

frequency Coding rate polarization Error correction factor
11678 27500 vertical 3/4

Argerel Resurrection Chapter V Jerusalem Carrier Channel Frequency

The table below shows the correct frequency of the Argerel Resurrection Part of the Jerusalem channel that transmits the events of the V series only on the following frequencies:

Moon Nilesat
frequency 11316
tendency vertical
Coding rate 27500
Correction coefficient 3 4

A group of transmission channels for the resurrection of Artagaral

Satellite name channel frequency Coding rate polarization
Nilesat Frequency channel call 10 727 27500 vertical
Nilesat Frequency of Yarmouk channel 11678 27500 vertical
Nilesat The frequency of the Jerusalem canal
11137 27500 vertical
Nilesat Watan channel frequency 11012 27500 horizontal

Series IV

I have seen a lot of dramatic activity that has attracted a lot of admiration and interest of the Turkish series recently, and we are talking about the existence of a lot of demands on this kind of works and many broadcasts that broadcast Turkish series. The drama, which is famous for the historical dramas that describe the events of the last period of production and the events of the series as an eternal love of many layers of society and in a very different way that tells the past events such as the Artegral resurrection of these series; In addition to the Google search indicators published during the demonstration period in recent years, there are many channels that make the episodes and events of this series so many famous and public speeches.

Artegrel ResurrectionErtuğrul Artegril
Artegrel ResurrectionErtuğrul Artegril

After reviewing all the details, we will show you more details about the events in the fifth part of the series for continuous follow-up with our website "Arab For News", which provides everything new.

Al Watan channel and dates of new divisions in Yarmouk channel

The dates of the series are shown through the Islamic satellite channel as the official page to itself on the social networking site Facebook.

Serial displays of satellite channels on all satellites: –

Many of the fans of the Artegral resurgence look at the dates of the different satellite channels and the chapters as well as clarify the first and second repetitions with different dates in different countries.

  • The new episode will be shown on the Al-Da & # 39; wa channel on Thursday at 8:00 am in Cairo time and at the frequency of the Nilesat 10727-bed channel.
  • The new episode will be broadcast every Friday at 08:00 in Cairo, at 9am KSA, 7am at Moroccan time and in a canal at Algeria, Nilesat 11012 – H.
  • The new episode will be displayed vertically on Al Yarmouk channel on Thursday at 20:00, Jordan, 9GM and 0600 GMT and Nilesat satellite frequency 11678 – vertically.

Aritive repurposure dates in Nilesat channels

Series, Friday at 13:00 in Jordan, Egypt and Palestine, Saudi Arabia at 14.00, 12 hours in Algeria and Morocco, 23.00 GMT, Saturday The day will be repeated once again in the channel of speakers. 2 Cairo, Jordan and Palestine, once Morocco and Algeria and 12 GMT.

The Resurrection of Artigrel The Rings of Chapter V

And yet, every week we expect the new chapter of the fifth part of the series of resurgence to be presented in a dramatic frame at the same time, and in this section we see that many characters represented in the enemies will appear to a large extent, and we will see this section appear in this chapter. The son of Artagirl "Osman" is in a heroic position and is expected to be a more enthusiastic part of the past tracks.

The Resurrection of Artigrel The Rings of Chapter V

And yet, we are waiting for the first part of the fifth chapter of the Artegral Resurrection series to be presented in a dramatic drama, and we see that there are some personalities who are enemies in this section.

It is worth noting that in the fourth season of the Artegral Resurrection series, the last episode sees a lot, and it is expected that Ibn Artagarl "Osman" will emerge in this heroic situation and there will be a more enthusiastic part of the final episodes. Artogarl Osman's son and the tribe's recent transition to Sogut's migration to the events of the fifth part of the integration of the immigrants in the last part of the stability of the stability and then began to re-start with a dramatic drama, exciting events, draw the lines of defense and defense plans In the dramatic context of the violent clashes between the Crusaders and the hero of the Artegrl series, as in the past seasons, and many viewers are watching the more exciting events and fun in the new episodes.

The Fall of Baghdad in the Hands of the Mongols

One of the most important events of the fifth episode of the resurrection of Artgrel was a difficult event to control the Mongols until the collapse of the Baghdad province and to take revenge against Artgrel, and the effect of many conflicts and wars between the Mongols on the Sultan's side. Not until the emergence of Osman Ibn '' B-Batal Artegrel tribal warriors to face the first empire of the Ottoman Empire to obtain the first step.

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