Saturday , April 17 2021

You can protect yourself from these diseases by hand washing!

Prof. Dr. Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Health Sciences Faculty Member Dr. İlknur Aydın Avcı, "The development of handwashing habits in children from an early age is very effective in protecting against important diseases. Therefore children should be told about the ways in which diseases are transmitted and individual cleansing should be taught as the primary method of protection."

According to AA; Hunter, a person's daily life in the environment that provides all kinds of hands that carry many microorganisms, especially in crowded environments such as school should be paid attention to hand hygiene, he said.

Hand hygiene with many diseases can be prevented Emphasizing Hunter, "when children start school at the same time encountered many microbes that they have not encountered before, is becoming more common in the early stages of school. It is important to teach children personal hygiene to minimize the disease process," he said.


Even in clean hands, there are thousands of disease-causing microorganisms that point to the Hunter, children's body resistance is weaker than adults because of the weakness of the patients drew attention.

In particular, it underlines the importance of school children in hand hygiene due diligence Hunter, said: "eraser among children in school, even in the exchange of goods, such as items can be transferred germs. Coughing, transmitted to this article by sneezing disease-causing microbes, can be taken into the body through the hands. In Turkey Simple personal precautions such as hygienic cleaning of common living areas and proper handwashing are vital for prevention of many infectious diseases, while handwashing is the best, most effective and cheapest method of protection from diseases. Therefore, children should be informed about the ways in which diseases can be transmitted and individual cleansing should be taught.


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