Tuesday , May 17 2022

What is the latest status of Mehmet Ali Erbil? Last minute description of Erbil's daughter


Mehmet Ali Erbil's question of how the health status of the famous showman continues to be investigated by fans. Mehmet Ali Erbil's daughter Yasmin Erbil's health condition came from an explanation. It was announced by Yasmin Erbil that the health of the famous entertainer, who had been in intensive care unit for a month, was getting better every day. Yasmin Erbil also did not forget to thank her followers who made good wishes for her father and prayed.

Yasmin Erbil's social media account is as follows:

"Praying, everyone who posts, thank you very much. I refer them to Allah.

I think we need to reproduce the good. May Allah be pleased with all those who write me your best wishes. I can't thank you enough. When my father worsened and I was most desperate, your messages were so good that you prayed with me even in the 2nd of the night. How much I can thank you for your support and love. And since you're still praying with me, you've given me strength, even from a distance, to make it even better. I see the power of prayer once more with you. Uan

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