Sunday , November 29 2020

Torture in the nursery … The unscrupulous caregiver left the crying boy breathless!

The image recorded in a place in Ankara's Etimesgut district, which is claimed to be a nursery, left the viewers astonished. According to the report of UAV; The mind-boggling method of the caregiver, who could not care for the crying little boy, was reflected in the image.

Sneaking in the footage by someone else in the footsteps of the child's mouth closed tightly, ağz Did you muff giz there is a carer shouting. Following the sharing of the image on social media accounts, the viewers were attacked by the carers.

It was reported that the teacher had been taken out of mind after the images that stood in mind.

According to the statement made by the Ministry of National Education in the statement, 'child development specialist teacher in the past few weeks in the family troubles, without permission from the institution to bring his nephew to the institution, the video footage of the child's nephew, his nephew in his class to shout out loud, mouth to silence closed the information that the physical intervention has been reached 'said.


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