Wednesday , September 28 2022

Too bad, the lover got bored Beşiktaş gives up on Larin and brings Liverpool’s star at halftime


Black Eagle presented Cyle Larin with a new offer of 1.8 million euros and bonuses. But the Canadian star turned down this offer. Cyle Larin’s manager asked for an annual bonus of 2.5 million euros and 1 million euros. Ahmet Nur Cebi closed the door to Larin and told the transfer committee ‘let’s bring something better’.

A slap answer to Larin who wants the worlds!  Beşiktaş brings Liverpool's Japanese machine


Work began for the 26-year-old Japanese football player, who was also approved by the coach Sergen Yalçın. Liverpool will be offered a lease with option to buy. Minamino is a footballer whose project team was trained in Salzburg.


The 26-year-old football player can also play on the left, right wing and number ten. Profile defined as ‘hidden striker’. He scored 16 goals in 32 matches for the Japan National Team.

Too much naz, the lover got tired!  Beşiktaş gives up Larin and brings Liverpool's star at halftime

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