Monday , March 1 2021

The house opened up for the deed

Cem Oztekin, gave one of his homes in Bodrum and his ads on the internet to sell his boat. Introducing himself as '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''. He bought the boat for 26 thousand TL. He said he wanted to buy a house for sale. At the end of the bargain Öztekin, 350 thousand TL sale of the house has increased to 320 thousand TL agreed to sell. When U.B. went to Istanbul for bank loan transactions and wanted to give bonds instead of cash, Cem Öztekin gave up sales. U.B. de house property tax and DASK insurance pays 2 thousand 200 TL for the requested back. Cem Öztekin, who could not pay in cash, had to sign the deed.


Cem Oztekin, who learned that a debt of 250 thousand TL was owed by his notification after one year and 2 houses were kept against his debt, he suffered a great shock. Öztekin immediately went to the enforcement office, the signature of the execution of the bill does not belong to him, was imitated. Öztekin started a legal struggle, filed a lawsuit against. U.B. filed a criminal complaint.


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Cem Öztekin told that his life was turned upside down in the face of what he experienced and he expects the developments in the judicial process. Oztekin, "Last year took my boat and paid for the money in advance, then wanted to take my home. He introduced himself as a commissioner. First bank loan, then said I wanted to buy the house with the deed, I did not believe and gave up the sale. He had paid my house property tax and DASK insurance. Since I did not have any cash, I signed the deed with the proposal of UB, but then I copied my signature in the bill, issued another $ 250 thousand deed and started the enforcement proceedings. The forensic process is continuing, the experts determined that the signature is a fake. I will, "he said.

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