Monday , March 1 2021

The decision for the judges who revolted Galatasaray

Central Referee Board (MHK), Galatasaray – Atiker Konyaspor match because of the controversial penalty position by the yellow-red team against the referee announced his decision about the referees.

MHK, FIFA referees Hüseyin Göçek and Halis Özkahya VAR system performance is not enough due to a second evaluation to refrain from assigning duty tasks VAR decided.

The 13th week of the Super League with Galatasaray played with Atiker Konyaspor 1-1, the penalty decision in favor of Konyaspor'un received great response.

The guest team 1 point, bringing the penalty position in 87 minutes, the middle referee Huseyin Gocek and Video Assistant Referee (VAR) listening to the conversations between Halis Özkahya MHK management, today announced his decision in a meeting.

The written explanation of the decision of MHK is as follows:

"Super League for our 13 weeks of competition, especially Galatasaray – Konyaspor referees with videos Deputy Arbitration of matches (YES), our referees who served as the performances, the Central Arbitration was evaluated with all the details by our Board of Directors. Our Board from the date of start applying won the appreciation of UEFA, Turkey Our Football Federation with its great contributions, it is determined to take all kinds of measures against the adversity preventing healthy development of the VAR system, which we believe will benefit the development of football and football.

It is also unacceptable for the referee to implement the system, which is required to address the most critical errors in the field, without regard to the rules of the VAR Protocol, and the fear of being transformed into habit. In this context, our organization decided to refrain from assigning VAR tasks to the FIFA referees, Hüseyin Göçek and Halis Özkahya, who were responsible for implementation and decision-making in this competition, because they did not have enough performance.

In addition, as a result of examining both the image and the observer reports of other professional league competitions, our board decided that the referees that were evaluated by the black-and-white error should be rested for various periods.


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