Tuesday , July 27 2021

Senol Gunes: "The first goal we ate was a shock to us"

Senol Gunes, 2-1 lost after the match Sivasspor said:

"At the beginning of the game, there were more positive sides in the aftermath of the Europa League. We didn't have our opponents' position until goal, we had a goal, we had a move, and we were shocked for the first goal we had. "

"The resistance of our competitor rose after the golden, caused us to play their game. In the midfield there were weaknesses, but there were players who could play in the midfield. Then the match turned into the style of the opponent's game. Başakşehir and Genk match in our game order sitting in what we think of this match, what offensively what we thought in the defensive sense. We made mistakes. If you look at two goals we have given similar positions "

"I want to thank all the players for their work. This is the work of the players on the stage. It's up to us to have any negativity on any of them. We have them, we have duties. It is bad intent to go over the players in case of team failure, to lose them. there are those who play, and those who play will do their best ayan

"We need to collect physical and moral deprivation. We think we are a good team.


Sports Toto Super League 12 week Iron Group Sivasspor'a 2-1 Besiktas coach Besiktas, lost control of the game after the goal, he said.

Speaking at a press conference after the match, the Sun said, "It was a very bad result. We went to the field to win, we stepped forward. The goal in the first position was effective to disrupt the game system. We fell in a number of attacks, both defensively and offensive. When the opponent's morale was increased, his resistance increased and they got a victory they deserved. One of the main reasons for the defeat was not being able to control the game. After we were 1-0, we could have played for a better game. he said.


Genk match in the UEFA Europa League tired of the fatigue of the match, and they expect more output from the players in the match, but emphasizing that they experience an opposite Sun, "We could not wash the game on the opponent's field. In the last weeks, the game could have made our morality more morale. an Three days ago, there was a decrease in physical and moral efficiency among those who played in the game. , Gokhan, Adam did not play like those who did not play. found in the evaluation.

Tolgay Arslan and Loris Karius' experienced technical man not to be cast, "Karius's back aches. Tolgay had problems of his own, so it was not with us." used expressions.


The league points out that the remaining behind the Sun, "We have been left behind in the league points. We have lost a lot of ways to compensate for the players and players to come out. No player is not a player to be excluded. We think we are a good team and we want to gather this team." in the form of.

Pointing out that the team that wants to be a champion should play accordingly, Güneş continued his words as follows:

"We have to play and try to catch the championship. I think that the effort is reflected on the field three days ago. We didn't have the power to not push the rival with the press. We couldn't show our superiority as a team. There, we played in Europe. "


Şenol Güneş stressed that he is the person in charge in case of failure, "We lost as a team. Kalecisi, santrforu, mentor, management, we lost. If you give the responsibility to the player the problem is not solved. I'm in charge. I gave the task to this team. It was like this in the beginning of the season. We are not going to talk because it was like this. We are now in the field. found in the evaluation.

This situation under the team as a team to add together that they will all together to add that the Sun, "Besiktas name is already in the championship race, but we need to play accordingly. We will do it together. Technical staff as we manage. The second goal we eat is not the mistake of a team like us. We're having a hard goal. " used expressions.


Experienced coach, referring to the protests of the fans, "I am screaming at me. This is not a right thing. The player of the field is playing. Negative negativity to the president. This team is a work of all of us. Technical team, supporters, unity with the player in the good day, we have to unite in the bad day. The player is responsible. he said.

Emphasizing that they do transfer with the management, "We're taking the player together. I'm asking them to me. The player is finished. They are the things that are on the agenda of failure. It's not true. Surrender is not right. It's not right to hit the team through management, it's not right. We'll criticize but not by destroying them. We need these players. " He finished his words.


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