Tuesday , December 1 2020

Provincial Health Directorate calls 'tap water to water'

Within the framework of the policies determined by the Ministry of Health, Kocaeli Provincial Health Director Op. Dr. Şenol Ergüney, lüğü We are currently conducting a study as Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Health because we are in the winter months. We provide hand washing trainings to our children in schools by our expert trainers. These works will continue. We can only increase the rate of protection from infectious diseases by properly washing our hands. I believe that a good result will be obtained from the studies performed. At the end of these studies, we will investigate whether there is a decrease in our hand washing activities in infectious diseases in our province with a statistical study in spring ın.


Kocaeli Provincial Health Directorate Infectious Diseases Unit Mehmet Yilmaz, handwashing flu, diarrhea and pneumonia, which is the most simple and effective method to prevent the transmission of harmful microorganisms such as respiratory tract infections, said: Although our hands may appear clean, they can carry on many disease-causing factors such as invisible bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs. In our daily life, our hands are constantly in touch with the environment. For this reason, too many microorganisms contain. Bu


He stated that an effective hand hygiene can be achieved by the application of the correct washing technique. Mehmet Yılmaz muş After eating, eating and eating, before and after contact with the patient, after toilet, after changing children's diapers, especially after contact with raw foods such as red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, sneezing, coughing, spoiled food and After touching the trash, after handing over public transport, money exchange, cat, dog and all other animals, hands must be washed for protection from diseases. und


Soak your hands in warm or hot water so you can withstand and spread the soap on all the surfaces of our hands and foam well.

Thoroughly rub your hands (wrists, palms, fingers, fingertips, hand and back) for at least 30 seconds.

Rinse your hands thoroughly with soap and then rinse thoroughly.

Dry your hands with disposable towel paper, especially in public places.

Use the paper towel you use to dry your hands to close the tap and throw it into the trash.

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