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Our Story 48. new episode trailer last episode FOX bölümta-izle – Last Minute Television News


Our Story is the last episode of the eyes of the followers Our Story 48. translated for the new episode trailer. Our favorite story of FOX screens is the exciting and exciting developments this week. Our Story on November 15 In the last episode, Melek comes into shock when he discovers that he is alive. In the meantime, Narin and Oguz meet ve Narin's last and innocent meeting, unexpected events between Kendal and Oguz scene. Oguz is openly challenging Kendal for the first time. However, the price of this challenge will pay again. Our Story 48. new episode trailer has not been released yet, but if the trailer is published, it will be able to be viewed from our news.


Melek is shocked when he sees that Murat is alive. In the meantime, Narin and Oguz meet ve Narin's last and innocent meeting, unexpected events between Kendal and Oguz scene. Oguz is openly challenging Kendal for the first time. However, the price of this challenge will pay again. Since Ebru still cannot reach a conclusion about Rüzgar's abduction, he has no intention of letting go.

Melek's decision to read and take action about it makes Kendal infuriate. Ebru'nun underneath all the events and Ebru to be on the other hand because it knows that the corner of the other hand attacked women around Ebru. Özlem and Melek take the biggest share from this. Against what happened, Ebru has come to the border lar Murat decides not to be a spectator anymore. The time has come to settle with Kendal. Asım has to make a decision big enough to overturn the balance of the whole host. However, Asım is caught between his conscience and father's longing.



Filiz, trying to be a mother and father to both of her 5 siblings, starts the day with an unpaid bill surprise. Filiz's closest friend Tülay's insistence on going to work from the work of the house, which leads to the work of the house, opens a new page in his life. A bad event that happened to Filiz that night led to the introduction of Peace. Thanks to this event, Barış learns that the girl she wants to meet again is Filiz, and this time she doesn't let the girl pass her life. Although Filiz tries to do her best to touch her life, it is clear that Filiz will not allow this easily.

Giving lessons to support home, Mercy faces the wrath of his new student, the Father of the Gospel, and saves himself hard. His brother Hikmet tries to comfort himself with poems in his impossible love. In spite of all his efforts, he tries to help Kiraz Filiz, who cannot tolerate his father, and Fikret, on the contrary, opens more jobs for Filiz. All he thinks is the idea that Fikri gets rid of his fraud in order to find a drink and with the help of Barış. Moreover, he will find a way to turn the money which Barış made to Filiz into money.


Hazal Kaya-Filiz

She is the eldest, the oldest daughter of the sprout. In order to be able to be her mother, she did not study after high school.

Proud and stubborn. He possesses his siblings as a mother and he is interested in their education, not allowing them to make mistakes, uncompromising and harsh. His biggest fear is the dissolution of his family, the abandonment of his brothers and the transfer of the state to the dormitories.

To keep her family together, she has to suffer all sorts of rags of her father Fikri and sometimes even be her a mother by her.

Burak Deniz-Barış

Peace is intelligent, stubborn and self-confident. It is a mysterious young man who has entered into Filiz's life.

At first glance, it is an ordinary car thief or valet; rich or poor; because he had a great break in a close period of his life and had to establish a new life for himself.

He falls in love with Filiz, is attracted to his strong character. However, it is not easy to win the trust of this young girl who tries to protect her family in the world of the poor and has her feet on the ground. Peace struggles hard to gain his trust, but the lies he has to say squeeze him into a corner. Comes to the point of losing sprout.

Reha Özcan – Intellectual Property

He's the father of six children, but he's not a father. Filiz, the eldest daughter, has ruined all responsibility, living his own life in pursuit of small accounts.

He took the right not to work.

He doesn't know his children properly; He is a contentious, contentious and offensive man. He looks at optimum benefit from every incident.

Although she doesn't like it, she's so happy with herself she doesn't even think about a change.

Yağızcan Konyalı-Mercy

Mercy is a high school student. She is a very successful young and aggressive girl. But the success of school does not mean much to him. Uses the school and friends to save money. Sometimes the students enter the exam instead of their friends by giving private lessons sometimes contribute to the livelihood of the house. He is a young person with deep depth and perception.

He doesn't take his intelligence and talent seriously;

She supports her sister in every way, she is fond of her brothers and she is protective. She's angry that she left her mother and left.

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