Thursday , January 21 2021

"No one to tell me Gomis" |

Fenerbahce derby assessing the entry of the Galatasaray President Abdürrahim Albayrak Galatasaray, "He had to enter the field at the time. Sadace field, the hallway did great effort. Fenerbahce had to protect our guests in the best way," he said.

At the beginning of the season, Albayrak, who used the expressions with Bafetimbi Gomis, who was transferred to El Hilal of Saudi Arabia,

"Galatasaray's interests are hard to think about. Gomis was taking 3 million 300 thousand euros from us. Kayseri didn't go because he didn't get paid. After scoring in Istanbul, "not money," he had shown his shirt. Nobody ever told me about Gomis. Other players also wanted to raise the club can not give. I gave him the example of Tariq Camdal. '1 million 600 thousand euros while receiving a salary – let's give half, we did not go,' I said. 'It's not my problem,' he said. I asked, 'Would you discount your bad salary?' I replied, 'No'. He wanted the contract extended or his salary to be 5 million euros. 10 million euros from the current club, we can not give these money."he said.

"Last day we were getting Modeste for free." Abdürrahim Albayrak confessed, "Chinese club, faxed. 'If you get, we burn you' they said. If we had to pay 25 million euros How would you come out? We wanted to get Vagner Love for free. You texted me and the president not to take the message. We didn't do it, but it would have been useful if we did. " he said.

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