Sunday , April 11 2021

Mustafa Cengiz: Printed on Anatolian clubs – Gallery

Mustafa Cengiz: Anadolu clubs were pressured – Gallery – Fotomac

Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz, Lokomotiv Moscow before the match found in the explanations.

Galatasaray President Mustafa Cengiz talked about the declaration of the Association of Clubs.


Mustafa Cengiz answered the questions of journalists in Moscow and said that they were surprised by the developments.

Here are Mustafa Cengiz's comments from the line heads;

"We also learned from the internet. We thought we said gossip. We also represent our country. We are very surprised by such an event on the way to represent the country. In recent months we were not surprised but we were surprised. We don't match the content.

We defend the right of the Anatolian teams and all teams. We want not to make mistakes. We opposed VAR. We wanted the referees to comply with the rules. In favor of other teams. Our demands are clear. I was surprised to read it.


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