Saturday , January 16 2021

Mehmet Topal: Koeman is doing his best

"We're going to one of the most important games in the group."

A National Team evaluating the status of NTV Mehmet Topal, "challenging matches waiting for us, we have a match in front of us in Sweden. I think we will go to one of the most important matches in the group. We're going to need a lot of them in this match. used expressions.

"As we win, our morale is rising"

Fenerbahce after the win they said they feel better, experienced football player, "We, as we win, we always said that the team will rise to the highest level of the game. I hope we'll try to bring the team to the best place in the score table. We work so well until the circuit, we want to finish the first half in a good spot. Everything goes well, I hope we will continue the win. said.

"Koeman makes the best of his duties"

Finally, Eran Koeman, who is currently temporarily speaking at the beginning for Topal Topal, "Koeman, a long-time mentor of ours. Cocu'ın helpers want him to do such a task. "Very good. We thank Koeman because he knows the team and the actors well. He's trying his best. çok he concluded his words.

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