Tuesday , October 4 2022

Koray ener's lemne rejoices kii gzaltnda


Security General Mdrl, Galatasaray – Fenerbahce derby before the heart of a person who lost their lives in the heart attack Koray ener about the loss of a person who made the gzaltna alndn aklad.


"Played on 02/11/2018 Galatasaray-Fenerbahe football msabakas german tribn in the heart attack geirerek fenalaan and kaldrld in the hospital, who lost their lives Koray ENER" s, the public kin and dman in the shares of the provocation "@oknnctnnn" to the instal As a result, the name and address of the determined O. named ahs gzaltna alnm and about the forensic process of our life.

As Trk Polis Tekilat, we will continue our striking, uncompromising, and uncompromising strikes, powers and responsibilities within the legal limits of our clients and those who have such and similar shares in social media and which cause violence and irregularity in sport. "

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