Thursday , August 5 2021

Izmir News – 5 people with the bodies of the wife, Naime, both cried and cried

Umut KARAKOYUN / IZMIR, (DHA) – The families who donated the organs of organ donors and their relatives died in İzmir Provincial Health Directorate. Naimi Parlak, whose husband lost Mahsum Parlak's organs after a brain hemorrhage during the meeting, was unable to control his tears. Throughout the ceremony, who constantly weeping and crying around her, her husband's 5 people gave life to life, he said. Providing comfort in him wrapping Bright Provincial Health Director Bediha Salnur in Izmir, around 3 thousand people, organ donation announced expect.
Izmir Provincial Health Director Bediha Salnur during the speech of the emotional and tears in the control of the naime bright tears, in the hall also touched. Celik who died due to brain hemorrhage, organs that gave life to 5 people said that the Bright, said they were happy to donate organs. Salnur grabbed Bright to try to comfort her. Bediha Salnur, emphasizing the importance of organ donation, "is expecting millions of people about organ donation in the world. Dying thousands of people waiting. In our country is done very serious work related to organ transplantation. Our hospitals are doing very serious transplants. Turkey as us is experiencing some difficulties. It's 4 if the 5 transports done We live from the live we do not want, "he said.
Bediha Salnur, who says that a mother does not want her child to give a part of her liver or that a father does not want one of her kidneys to give to her relatives, says:
Im Why do we want to make another person a half while trying to keep a person alive? We have brain deaths that we can get organ donation. We can't get organ donation from every death, we can't make organ transplants. However, organ transplantation and organ donation can be done from brain death patients and brain deaths in intensive care. Today, only one in five brain deaths is donating organs. 4 of them are still losing their lives. Brain death stage, waiting for the heart of someone, great happiness. Organ donation after a brain death saves 7 lives. Each of you have made a huge donation. There are some worries about organ donation. Patients, for example, have concerns such as: endiş If I fall into intensive care, they don't look at me organ, organ I lost my child, but if I donate their organs, they will give the body full maz. Organ donation is a very special donation. We swear to keep patients alive as medics. We try to keep alive, but there is nothing to do when brain death occurs. "
That killed 100 thousand people every year because of failure to organs, Turkey also currently 26 thousand organ and tissue transplantation is waiting patients, 50 thousand organ transplant yearbook said that the patients candidate for the waiting list, "These numbers very dramatic and all There are currently about 3 thousand patients in Izmir waiting for organ transplantation. Most of the patients waiting for transplant are the ones who are waiting for the kidneys. Our biggest organ transplantation source is human and cadaver.
3 years of heart transplant waiting, then donated heart to life with the nurse Burcin Oak, "I lost a lot of my friends and now I'm too scared to make friends. The number of patients we have lost, more than the number of patients transplanted. Please donate organ." He said. After the speeches, the organ donors were given a document to thank those who donated.


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